LIFE CAN BE COMPLEX! Trying to manage your personal, professional, and investment activities can be challenging.  The federal
government, various state agencies, the Internal Revenue Service, even ex-spouses can all become involved in how your life and business
are run.  When you receive the call or notice that nobody likes, whether by letter, summons, citation, or telephone call, we can help!

WILFRED NAVARRO is an Attorney and a Certified Public Accountant, who understands you and your business.  Wilfred has been a
business owner, a government attorney, and a consultant; he has met payroll expenses, paid taxes, and responded to governmental inquiries
while, all the while, having to balance personal and professional demands.  In short, he understands your world.

We specialize in matters involving the owners and organizers of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.
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    FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS MATTERS.   If you are starting a business, acquiring a franchise, or  forming a partnership, we
    can assist you with the entire process, from soup to nuts.  Already in business?  Many of our clients call us for advice when faced with
    strategic, operational, or organizational challenges.  We offer honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice.  Counselor is not
    just a word for us, it means we can be your complete resource for business advice.

    NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS.  If your group is involved in fund-raising, you should consider applying to be an tax-
    exempt organization.  We can organize your group in the state of Texas, register it with the IRS, help you maintain the group's non-profit
    status, and provide a "point-of-contact" service for the group's ongoing operation.

    FAMILY MATTERS.  Family life can get messy.  It can help to have an advisor you can trust.
  • DIVORCE can be unpleasant.  We can work with either spouse to ensure the marriage is equitably dissolved.  As a CPA, we
    can work with you to identify and value family assets. Agreed Divorces can be a cost-effective way for a couple to dissolve their
    marriage.  If both of you can agree on the terms of your divorce, the division of your property, and the custodial issues related to
    your children, we can work with you to carry out your wishes at a minimal cost and as quickly as possible.  Child Support issues
    can be particularly troubling.  We work with parents who are not receiving payments from their ex-spouse.
  • Domestic Partnerships should be considered if you and your partner intend to buy property together or otherwise want
    to provide for long-term commitments.  If your family circumstances are "non-traditional" please give us a call so that
    each family member's interests are protected.
  • Wills, Trusts, and Estates are a topic that should not be ignored.  We can assist you with transitional planning.

    INCOME TAX AND ACCOUNTING. From a simple income tax return of an individual to family partnerships and corporations,
    we can help prepare, defend, or examine your income tax return.  Properly computing your income taxes is important; you should
    neither overpay nor underpay your taxes.

    CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS.  If you are licensed to provide accountancy services in the State of Texas, you are
    licensed by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.  The TSBPA regulates and licenses CPAs in Texas.  If you receive a letter
    like this, you need to call us.  Now!  As a former staff attorney for the TSBPA, I am familiar with how the Board investigates CPAs.  The
    Board employs staff attorneys to investigate.  You need an attorney to represent your interests.
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