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Family relationships, like business relationships, sometimes don't work.  When, despite your best
MATTERS. This paper might help answer some of the basic questions you may have about getting a

If you need a counselor, accountant, or attorney to help you sort out the situation, we can help.  It
doesn't have to be a difficult situation.  If both of you can agree that the marriage is unsustainable, we
can  help you file the necessary documents at minimal cost.  You could be divorced within 90-days.  

Even if there are children, if the both of you are agreeable to the terms of custody and support, we can
help you document your agreement and file it with the court.  As much or as little help as you need, we
are flexible with our billing arrangement.

In the event the both of you can't work it out, we are prepared to assist you with your claims.  As a
CPA, Wilfred Navarro is capable of performing forensic accounting inquiries to determine the true
value of your spouse's assets.  As an attorney, Wilfred Navarro is licensed to represent you in
obtaining settlement terms satisfactory to you.

There may be other family issues with which you must deal:

  • CHILD SUPPORT is often a contentious matter between ex-spouses.  If you are owed child support, we
    will work with you to collect the benefits to which your children are entitled.

  • CONSERVATORSHIP, what is known as "custody" to most people also is an area of contention between
    ex-spouses.  If your spouse is not living up the his or her agreement, for the benefit of your children, we
    can help.

In short, we are prepared to assist you with a wide range of family-related matters.  Give us a call. We can help!
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A Texas court of appeals recently ruled
that a birth mother's lesbian partner had
standing to sue for conservatorship of the
birth mother's child.
The child, under an informal arrangement,
regularly visited the ex-partner.  If you
have had "care, custody, and control" of a
child for at least six months, you may have
rights of conservatorship for a child
reared by the two of you.
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