You should know that I have a different perspective than many other attorneys.  I have owned several
businesses and personally dealt with all the problems associated with owning your own business.  I have
managed employees and tried to satisfy customers, I have met payroll, paid taxes, and borrowed money;
owning your own business can be difficult.  I know, first hand, how hard it is to run a business.   I have
hired lawyers, fired lawyers, been happy with them and unhappy with them.  In short, I know the
frustrations of being a business owner who becomes entangled in unwanted legal confrontations.

I am also a CPA.  I have had more than one client progress from being a broke college student to being a
prosperous business owner, who then sees it all disappear in a contrary divorce or downward economy.  
There are few issues in a person's life more intimate than his or her financial circumstances.

My most important professional objective, therefore, is to help MY clients in a way that I would want to be
helped.  To me, this means providing timely, responsive advice.  I return telephone calls.  I try to answer
your questions in a timely fashion.  I recognize that, sometimes, the legal answer is not always the
practical answer.

Accordingly, I am completely available to my clients.  My office is located in the Westlake area of Austin.   
But that means little to me.  Much of the time, I am in my client's office or home; talking to them about
their problems in a setting helpful to them.   I frequently take telephone calls after 5:00 p.m.   If necessary,
I meet with clients on Saturdays.  Think of it like a doctor who makes house calls.

In short, I try to be just a little different.  I well earn your business.  Give me a try.  Use our online inquiry
form to
ask me a question.  No charge.  As I said, we try to be different.
Wilfred Navarro
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