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There are two steps to becoming a "501(c)(3) non-profit" organization.

In Texas, this is a relatively straight-forward choice: the
organizers register the entity as a non-profit corporation.  The State of Texas charges a fee of $25.00
to register a non-profit corporation.  There are some activities which may not be conducted as a
non-profit but, generally, if the corporation's purpose involves charitable, benevolent, religious,
patriotic, civic, missionary, fraternal, or other similar activities, registration should be approved.

REGISTERING WITH THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.  This is the part with which most people
have concern.  There are some technical requirements which must be met.  Again, for most entities
legitimately involved in charitable activities, there should be no problem.  Most people, when referring
to a "non-profit" organization are referring to a "501(c)(3)" organization.  Click on the link above to
read more about registering an entity with the IRS.  Other organizations, may also be exempt from
federal income taxation.  These organizations have a different set of rules and prohibitions under
which they may operate.

GOVERNANCE OF A NON-PROFIT.  Every non-profit organization should adopt a set of bylaws by
which it governs itself.   As part of our services, we will develop a set of bylaws designed to meet your
organization's purposes.  
Point of Contact Service:  For many smaller organizations, those for
whom the officers change each year, we can be your point-of-contact address and phone number for
the I.R.S. and/or the State of Texas.

CREATE ACCOUNTING RECORDS. Wilfred Navarro is QuickBooks certified; he also has a working
knowledge of several enterprise-based accounting software programs. He can help you set up the
accounting records your organization will need, help you maintain your records on an annual basis,
and ensure that your activities are accurately reported.

FILE AN INCOME TAX RETURN.  At the end of the year, your organization will need to file an income
amount of donations it receives each year.  For smaller organizations, the return can be very simple.  
We offer a full income-tax return preparation service for non-profit organizations.
The Attorney General's office may investigate
the organizers of a fund-raising effort not
properly managed.  
We can help with both the legal and
accounting aspects of your organization.
Both accounting and legal advice.  One
telephone call!