It can be frustrating.
Your lawyer tells you one thing.  Your accountant tells you another.
Your banker just wants to know whether you are making money or not.
The IRS just wants your money.  We can help!

Death and taxes.  It's an old saying but also true: taxes are inevitable and nobody likes to pay
them.  There are a number of different taxes that individuals and businesses must pay.  
can help!

Planning for income taxes is an essential part of your daily life.  Whether you make an
investment in equipment, have a retirement account, or just want to file your income tax return
for the year, we can help you stay on the right side of the IRS.  We can prepare individual,
partnership, and corporate income tax returns.

Sales tax liabilities can make up a significant part of a business' monthly obligation.  We can
work with you to ensure your obligations are up to date.  In addition, we can help you review
your property tax assessments to ensure you pay only what you should be paying to local
taxing authorities.

The Internal Revenue Service and the State Comptroller's office can be tenacious when it
comes to the collection of taxes.  Don't face them alone.  You are entitled to certain rights; but,
don't expect the government to voluntarily inform you of everything to which you are entitled.  
Call us!

It is important that you know how your business is performing.  While many people call
themselves "bookkeepers," we don't.  As a CPA, we frequently are called upon to correct the
errors of others.  We can assist you with maintaining your records correctly.  While we don't
prepare your financial statements, we can help you with your accounting system and ensure
that your staff keeps your books up to date and accurately.
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